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Time 31 min.
(This movie is digest version, 2 min.)

Recoding date July 9-10, 2011
Edited by Original CV
Produced by FTG

Kyuya Fukada wrote down to the famous 100 mauntains in Japan as follows; "When exceeding the Shinshu pass from the upstream in Chikuma River and came to Koshu before, I looked at Mt. Mizugaki and was so impressed that it has a lot of fantastic rock groups. The view from the Kuromori village along the upstream of Kamase River might be the most splendid, beautiful appearance of Mt. Mizugaki."

Gorouya is exactly in the Kuromori village, and is an inn in the mountain village that was built dignifiedly against the background of Mt. Mizugaki. It is surrounded by the field, and the fresh vegetables here favors meal. Nostalgic old air remains as it is.

One day, several guests visited on Gorouya. Other guests did not exist because of a weekday. Dinner started, and they drank Japanese sake. Then, one of the guests began to sing the folk song. The dining room where a fat beam in the attic was seen was one wide space, and the singing voice sounded in the space. And, it permeated through minds of the people who gathered there. It was a valuable experience of adjusting the mind to one by everyone in certain one space at certain one time.

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